SDK & Open Source used in my iOS project (2014)

In my recent iOS project, we have used a lots of open source code and SDK like many app do;

Here is the list of them:

  • CrashlyticsCrash Logging
  • Google Analytics: User Analytics: 
  • Parse: Push Notification Helper
  • EGORefreshTableHeaderView: PullToRefresh
  • SDWebImage: ImageView using URL
  • UIImage+ImageEffects: Making Blur Effect
  • UIImage+animatedGIF: Playing animated GIF in UIImageView
  • GCPlaceholderTextView: placeholder show in TextView
  • URBMediaFocusViewController: Enlarge the thumbnail image
  • YDSlider: Slider for audio player
  • JSONKit: JSON Helper
  • ASIHTTPLibrary: Asynchronous HTTP Request
  • TTAttributedLabel: Make UILabel having clickable link

Thanks for the developers of the above project! These save us a lot of time.