TDDccx3 1.1.0 - New Submenu UI developed.

The submenu of TDDccx3 is modified:

In the new design, we want to decrease the interference of the test components;
So the following changes are made
- Top toolbar is removed 
- Provide a Hide/Show button to hide/show the menu items
- Menu can be moved to wherever you want
- Toggle Stat is placed in the menu items;

The change is just made and not yet well test. It will be polished and tested soon. 

Available at:


A day in my coding life.

Here is a short sharing of my daily coding life.

While arrived to office, prepare the basic first, breakfast, water and tea;

Then first thing first, I starts with a simple prayer and listening to biblical messages.

And then I read some industrial news from Twitter, Google Plus, Techcrunch, ... to get updated;

Next I prepare:
- Spotify (provide music for my concentration)
- Tomato.es (For Pomodoro Technique, one of time management skill)
- Trello (For task management)
- Evernote (for note taking and daily planning)

And then Tomato Clock starts, several 25 minutes session begin:

Every 25 minutes, I will focus on my different coding works:

  • Planning : Fail to plan, plan to fail. Always keep works being planned.
  • Program Design : Design is the origin, without a design, it will be very hard to code. 
  • Write and Run Code 
  • Refactor and Documentation : It help to re-organise what I have done
  • Sharing to other coders
  • Learn something new 
  • Testing : More test, more bugs unveiled and quality UP. 

While my team members are all there, we start the daily SCRUM to update the progress of each others.

A day of coding if full of fun and challenges !!!

Wish you enjoy your work and coding as well.