Again?! What's a good game?

My company and I develop games for years; We always say "good games
make good returns"; However, what is a good game? We really don't have an good answer; Actually, I was making several games last few years but they are not good enough.

While I rethink about the definition of "GOOD", I remember the games I enjoyed and loved in my life. They recall me what are the elements of a "GOOD" game!

Here they are:

  • Comfortable to play
  • Attractive Story or Scene
  • Things to unlock
  • Skill to master
  • Make me great!
  • Killing my time happily
  • Beatable Challenges 
  • Wow! That's amazing!
  • My princess is waiting for me!
PS: No more explanation about the points above, it should be straight forward if you play or make games.