Abnormal java.net.UnknownHostException on resin

Recently, I encountered a problem while I am calling to Google API in my java code running on Resin. The problem is that: The http call raise an UnknownHostException;

It doesn't caused by Java itself because the UnitTest show it is correct.
It doesn't caused by Resin because it work in my development platform.

So what go wrong? Finally, I has discovered it is wrong in the staging server environment;
The /etc/hosts isn't configured as the resin want to. (... maybe it is the problem of resin too ..)

To fix it:
- type "hostname" to find your hostname . e.g "my.pc"
- edit /etc/hosts and add the line " my.pc"
- restart the server to make it effective

- This problem may not be happened in all environment. My macbook doesn't have the problem.

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