Key Tasks of cocos2d-x development

Setup Development Environment

  • Make the iOS binary (.ipa), run on Simulator and Device
  • Make the Android binary (.apk), run on Device

Seek and Read References

  • Reference of Cocos2d-x
  • Reference of C++
  • Reference of POCO library

Create Testing Code

  • Create UnitTest for Logic (text mode stuff), suggest to use UnitTest++
  • Create UnitTest for GUI or Graphics stuff

Create Architecture / Utility / General Code

  • Clarify how MVC architecture work
  • Create Data Class
  • Create a singleton class
  • Make and understand Useful MACROs

Manage GUI, Graphics and Scene 

  • About GUI 
    • Custom View
    • Popup View
    • Fullscreen View
    • TableView
    • Scrollable View
    • Using Cocos builder to create the views
    • Gallery View
    • Loading View
  • About Graphics
    • Render Sprites
    • Render Maps
    • Render something you want to
    • Controlling the zoom and location of the Camera
  • About Scene
    • Add a new scene
    • Switch between scenes

Network Stuff

  • Connect using Socket or HTTP
  • Adding Network Protocol
    • Create Requests
    • Handle Response
    • Handle Network errors
  • Testing the network protocol

Debugging and Profiling

  • Check the potential problem
  • Check memory leak
  • Check the performance using profiler
  • Locate where and when will crash the app


  • Create different kinds of build using Makefile/build.xml/.… 
  •  Publish the app (ipa or apk) using TestFlight